Karaage Bar HighKara

About Our Restaurant

Karaage Grand Prix 5th Consecutive Gold Award

Our “Half a Chicken, Deep-fried” won the Karaage Grand Prix Gold Award for the 5th consecutive year!
Karaage Grand Prix is a food event held in Japan. Many shops and restaurants enter every year, hoping to be voted Japan's best karaage. The categories are grouped depending on the part of the chicken and the seasoning that is used. Several restaurants are selected for the gold award for each category and the highest gold award is given to a particularly outstanding restaurant.

In the 2019 competition, 939 stores applied and 226 items were nominated. It is a very large-scale event where 204,752 votes are cast, including by members of the general public who like karaage.

Details About Our Restaurant

Karaage and Highball, familiar to the Japanese, are things which foreign customers can enjoy. Because customers from various countries enjoy the dishes of 'Karaage Bar HighKara', some people come regularly while traveling or on business in Japan.

In addition to our signature chicken karaage, we also have rare ingredients that you can't eat at other Izakaya. Don't worry, as well as traditional alcohol, such as sake and shochu, there are a lot of alcoholic drinks which overseas visitors are familiar with.

Our restaurant's name comes from "High" ball and "Kara"age which are our specialties. In Japanese "HighKara" is a word used in the olden days to mean fashionable. We are mindful of the language and cherish the atmosphere of Japan's past, so it is perfect for those who want to experience a real Japanese atmosphere. Whether it is your first time to visit Japan or have been here many times, please come and visit us.

Our Commitment

To be honest, our restaurant's signature dish, half of a chicken, deep-fried, is still changing its taste. This is because, since establishing our restaurant, we are always pursuing how to make it more delicious for you. The “addiction feeling” is important to us and we want to create a taste that everyone can enjoy.

We are very particular about each ingredient and use the best toribushi (dried chicken flakes). Toribushi is a source of umami and the ingredient which is used to make dashi stock. In addition, we are committed to obtaining the very best ingredients, such as purchasing high-quality eggs.

We make karaage with not only meat, but also using vegetables to add a touch of unexpectedness as we want you to experience the changing seasons. There are many people who have forgotten the four seasons in their busy lives, so we hope you can be aware of them through your meal.

Our Restaurant's Atmosphere

The theme of the interior is “Hikara”. I think it's a nice word which is casual and feels perfectly retro. Actually, this building has been here since I was an elementary school student, and I went in and out of the restaurant that was here before. When I was a kid, I had dinner at restaurants along this street.

With that kind of attachment, I decided to open a restaurant when this property became vacant. At that time, it was more retro and the tiled roofs stood out, but now I value balance. Our image color is red which has a lively atmosphere.

Message from the Owner

Since you are in Japan, please try something you can only eat in Japan. There are many kinds of Japanese foods but we hope you will enjoy some of the dishes that we, Japanese like to eat every day.

Don't worry, we have a wide range of alcoholic drinks, including some that you can only drink in Japan and regular drinks that are popular with people overseas.

Our restaurant is a place where people visiting Japan often from overseas are repeat customers. We are waiting for you with a lot of special gems, such as karaage and highball.

Restaurant owner, Taiyo Ono

Customer’s Voice

20s, Japanese woman

I visited the restaurant for the first time on Wednesday night, and I was so surprised to see customers come there one after another as if it were Saturday or Sunday. As its name suggests, they recommend Highballs and Fried Chicken, so I ordered both of them. The Highball tasted refreshing, which was a good match for the Fried Chicken. I was amazed that it’s crispy outside and juicy once I took a bite. Actually, I doubted I couldn’t tell the difference in the taste, but I was very sure to say, “It is completely different from others, delicious!” Their special is “Half a Chicken Deep-fried,” so I tried it. First, the appearance of the dish had a big impact. Then I was confused how to eat it, but the staff helped me to cut it into pieces. Also they were very kind and helpful to tell us what part chicken breast and legs were.

30s, Japanese man

I often eat out there since it is in my neighborhood, and I come across more regular customers. The manager is also friendly, and it is very comfortable. It is Homemade Salted Lemon Sour that I have there every time. I often order thick food, so the sour is a good match for it. There are various kinds of flavored Fried Chicken. I recommend Fried Chicken with Nagoya-style Sweet & Salty Soy Sauce. The taste is just like chicken wings, so I feel like drinking more and more after eating it. Kimura-kun, putting kimchi and chili oil on tofu, is also the best match for drinking too. Chicken Skin is well-broiled before I eat, so it gets very much crispy and juicy. I order lots of Fried Chicken when I feel hungry or visit it with someone, but there are various kinds of side orders like that. I like this place because it is easy to drop by when I want to drink by myself in a relaxing mood.