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Jobonji Temple

Jobonji Temple, a temple of the Shingi Shingon sect of Buddhism, was built around 1716, having a history of about 300 years. We would like you to see the Dai-enmado, a building housing a statue of Enma-sama, on the left side of the grounds. Around the 18th century, it was strongly believed to be one of the "16 Major Enma of Edo". Although, the building collapsed due to an earthquake in the 1855, it was rebuilt in the 1973, and now many people come to see this Enma-sama.

Enma-sama, who is enshrined here, is a god who makes judgements on whether the deceased led a good or bad life and painfully punishes sinners. In Japan, if children lie, you may scold them by saying, “Your tongue will be pulled out by Enma-sama.” Beside Enma-sama, there are some large pliers for pulling out tongues, so please take a look. You will also find red ink stamps here.

About Red Ink Stamps

Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Street

Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Street extends from the south exit of JR Shinkoiwa Station. There are about 140 shops within a total length of 420 meters and events are held every season.
You will definitely enjoy just taking a walk because there are many shops and restaurants selling a variety of food, and there are not only places to enjoy food, but also beauty salons and clothing and jewelry stores. Please stop by one time. Also, look for the official mascots of the shopping street, Yoshimunesama and Komatsunacchi.

The Birthplace of Monchhichi

In 1974, Monchhichi, a stuffed toy monkey, with a vinyl face, hands and feet was released and became a big hit. Actually, this cute character was created in Shinkoiwa by Sekiguchi Corporation. Because of this, Monchhichi Station Stamp was placed in Shinkoiwa station and there is also a park with the nickname Monchhichi Park. There are also events related to Monchhichi, so if you feel nostalgic or are wondering what Monchhichi is, please enjoy, whatever your age is.

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